The Project

Timboon West Wind Farm is a renewable energy facility comprising of two Vestas V126 3.6 MW turbines. The project construction commenced in March 2018 and comprised of three phases, taking 7 months in total. Timboon West Wind Farm was completed in October 2018 and has been delivering energy to the grid since then. 

The wind farm has a capacity of 7.2 MW – equivalent energy usage of around 4500 households – and connects to the existing 22 kV power line that runs adjacent to the site. The turbines both have an overall height of 150 m (to the tip of the blade), and all connection cables within the site are laid underground.

The site will continue to be accessed by the site entrance on East West road. Temporary equipment removal works will be undertaken throughout the coming months, removing the temporary site office and amenities building, and leaving only the control building and water tank as permanent site infrastructure.